Entry for August 15, 2006 The Freedom Dream….

Animatrix inspired Dream!


Yes, that is what I will call it.

Yes, that is what I will call it.
The local (or is it Locale?) was quite sci-fi, the enveloping setup was just so.

And the theme ::: S C A R Y!

I woke up (in my bed in Gurgaon or was it there in the local?) in COLD Clammy sweat!

The place was one of those great hilly plateau where no Eagles would/could dare… They too were scared!!!

I was there, existing, doing :I know not what: and my Mind/Brain/Existence was there like some boring beige PC.

Was it controlling me or was it I?

There were those psychedelic dreams going on in that dark&drearydream….

Big invisible wires and signals and cables and waves swarming all over.
Then the M a t r i x HUNG. As if I were running on Windows PdxOl.178.0s8n>jsom.
I tried to soft reboot it. Nothing happened!

Alt+Ctrl+Del… Nothing!!!

I tried the Tried and Tested way. Turn Off the power switch and get it back on!


The Thing behaved like it were a T.V., coming right on that same old screen as and when I toggled the Power Switch!!!

S c a r e d ! ! !

That is what I was. “What am I going to do NOW!!!”

Then, out of the power supply, came out S H E …Medusa-Like…

In bellowing streaks of most c o l o u r f u l smoke.

Standing , in all her Puny Glory, Her jet black hair flying like that of Medusa.

Like a Vapour… Enveloping the entire Local!

Streaks of Green Lightning, from her Beautiful BLACK head, going all over the Brown Sky and Blue Earth…

And then She did, what She does best.

Index finger beckoning me, she Smiled her Cruel-Callous Smile.

I think I died/crashed/rebooted after that…

Disclaimer:- Though based on an ACTUAL dream, it has been slightly peppered and amchoored for reading pleasure.

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Today is Tuesday August 15, 2006 – 12:54am

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