Monday Blues. Time for Hollywoodian Revelation….


Past weekend I watched Ice Age 1 and 2, thank God for LimeWire.

As we all know, we listen to what we want to hear, see what we want to look at, and identify with specific and constantly changing portions, in books and in movies and in situations, pertaining to our present state of mind and vested interest.

(Precisely because of this thought, I mark my underlining on my books, (YES!!! I do mark my books..), with the date and cross-referencing it with my diary, probably at a MUCH later date, I can relate to the REASON why I did so! You see???)

Same was the case with me while watching the two Ice Ages. Especially the portion about The SCRAT and its desperate determination about possessing the ever elusive Acorn.

The role of the Scrat was comic enough and probably that is what it was meant to be::: a comic break, a sub-plot, running through the entire lengths of the 2 movies. The end for Scrat in part 2 was touching enough, but then the coming back to life and what follows got me thinking…

The Scrat, all through the two parts is so desperately close to the acorn, yet so frustratingly far away! Yet, hilariously sadly, never giving up!

It told me, (
maybe this is what I really wanted to get to know!!! but was unable to accept as that PARTICULAR acceptance was coming out to be so very painful…) …

… that with a little help from friends, one can get off the acorn_obsession and carry on with life.

And that is precisely what I need at the moment, and thankfully so, am getting as well… I hope… I wish it were not THAT Painfull.

Getting over the acorn obsession and getting on with what remains, no matter how


it looks without the Beloved Acorn; it is getting along!!!

Hopefully OK,


Tuesday June 20, 2006 – 02:44am (IST)

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