“Rrrrraaaaaahul!, you are Emotionally soooooooooo Adolescent.”

Diwali Rahul_does

“rrrRahul, you are Emotionally soooooooooo Adolescent.”

A VERY good friend commented upon, about a month back, while having a couple or three or five (As Ravi Shastri would have said!) drinks, LATE in the night and discussing my

present / the then

  1. state of mind
  2. muse. (MUSE ???)
  3. my response to
    1. it /
    2. her /
    3. her things
  4. my ponderings upon point 3. and sub-points a, b, c.)

The topic got dropped there-unintentionally-, I do not remember why or how, but it just slipped away and we –drunkenly- slept over it…

However, the next day, it struck me, the phrase, “Emotional Adolescence” and then………..

And I got thinking… “What is this THIS now???”

I was reminded of -:

  1. Pyaar Mein Twist.”
  2. When Harry Met Sally“.
  3. One Fine Day“.

and countless other “Adolescent_______Movies. (Sorry for the Sarcasm.)

AND I was reminded of the commenter’s status of a

  1. Married One…
  2. Happily so…
  3. To a 5 Year-Young LOVE…


I got thinking, and thought of sharing the feelings, VERY Loudly and Acerbically, with The Commentator…

“You Bloddy-Jolly-Well got what you wanted (WHAT EVERYONE WANTS) and now you are on the Battle-Bloodied HIGH-Horse, sermonizing; commenting upon my LONELINESS, my feelings-that might be running haywire as ofnow- however… What The HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!“

I was angry, humiliated, agitated, embarrassed, riled , depressed, affronted, outraged. All Feelings coming and going all over me, as I thought about it… And I kept on thinking about that Comment and Kept on Analyzing and writing about it…

To Be Continued… (This is going to be VERY Funny!)


Wednesday May 17, 2006 – 11:59pm (IST)

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  1. Posted Friday, April 30, 2010 at 14:30 | Permalink

    Well “Emotional Adolescence” might just have been a phrase that came out of a sharabi to describe the state of mind of another sharabi and therefore the latter sharabi took offence/exception to the use of phrase for him and infact pondered over it the next day and is trying to defend/dissect & analyze it until today.. to the extent that he wants to know the opinion of his “Qabil and sober dosts”. That in itself explains a lot of things. Having said all the above, my personal opinion is that it has got to do a lot with the defendant’s occupation. Two components of his occupation: the nature of the occupation and then the people the defendant hangs around and choses to hang around at work. None of this is intended to imply that either the occupation or the collegues are “not good”. But all this does has an effect on your physical and mental health. You subconsciously try to cope with the environment at your workplace and would never realize if and how much it has changed you (reverting emotionally to adolescence in this particular case). The dfendant can very easily dismiss this argument just like a 90 year smoker would dismiss the statement that “smoking makes you die early” by saying that might be true but it has not affected me so my case is different.

    I qualify my remarks by saying that this might not be the case but chances are that this is the reason for the defendant’s emotional adolescence and frequent mood swings. So much for now .. more later as the defendant continues his argument.

    Ashar said 47 months ago · Delete
    Bhaaji, Lakh rupayiye di gall kitti hai tussi……

    It is a fact widely accepted that everyone who is drunk to the top of everything; is still somehow in his senses and full control of his tongue, or at least I vouch to this school of thought…..

    However, the tendency to abide by the “Golden Rule” is besieged by the wonderful / playful ecstasy of “The Genie in the Bottle”,

    Jabberwocky (using it as a noun here) keeps on uttering knowing what is coming out of the mouth is nothing but “insane babble”. Therefore, it may amount to an act of slander sometime. (As I made a mention in my previous post that the hint of sarcasm cannot be over-ruled, in the comment regarding “shri rahul does ji maharaj’s adolescent appearances”)

    My overture here is largely attributed to the merits and demerits of consuming alcohol. Merits and demerits can be discussed when we use or consume or take alcohol in our everyday life. But merits (if any) are vanished in thin air when consumption is by no means in bottle(s)/day/week/month, but in gallons altogether.

    Rahul said that his weight is the same but his “tond” no longer is, that means he has reduced dramatically and in a very healthy way and this makes him an idol for people like me who in the quest of reducing unwanted flab from their body end up with a medical report saying that you are suffering from hyperthyroidism, and you will have to live with it till you are lying on the pyre.

    And as far as flab is concerned I am still standing at the same platform, from where I started reducing, however, hyperthyroidism is complementary.

    No more talking like your caring uncle, I will come to the point, that I totally agree with the point bhaaji tried to make, that people here are probably making fun of you, what they cannot say while they are sober, they muster courage to say it in the shroud of being drunk.

    I think pondering upon the solution may bring this discussion to a logical end.

    Manik said 47 months ago · Delete

    Alchohol does tend to make grown-up men behave as well as say things that do not befit their mental as well as physical age.

    To use a cliche, it tends to ‘loosen up their tongues’ and reveal what is best kept to themselves.

    And that, Shri Does ji maharaj, leaves you vulnerable to such comments.
    Ashar said 47 months ago · Delete



    I’ll waiting for the continuation……..

    Though in the heart of my heart, I was dying to comment, but I feel that I should reserve my comments for another day on this topic.

    But I can’t keep myself from saying that a little pinch of derision cannot be over-ruled in this comment/ compliment /remark /statement /mention / testimonial or declaration from a very good friend

    Believe me I am not being cynically over-lalita-pawar-ist, but in nutshell I must say that this is high time when the most eligible adolescent / bachelor (he he he he) should seriously think something about his oh-why-so-persistant adolescent / bachelor / virgin status

    To be continued with the continuation……..
    Manik said 47 months ago · Delete


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