Justification is not MINE. The Offence / Amusement was slightly so… (Read part One.)

Justification came from The Commentator.

“In spite of everything that you have gone through and still are, you still have the capability to feel and think and act like an adolescent.

I meant it as a Compliment.

You have NOT Let The Years in your life Take Over The Self .”

(All Stress and Highlights, taken from the syllable stress and the gestures of The Commentator…the colour choice, my own.. Egomaniac, Ssssalaa…)

Now this is something that I cannot comment upon.

Whether to take it as an offence and be gaily-angry about it or take it as a well meant compliment and dwell in the present state of affairs / state of mind, I am not wise to judge. I am not wise to judge anyone / anything! Who is??? Is anyone???

I just want to live; justly, happily. I try hard to not to be down. I try hard to not to intentionally hurt anyone. (Though recently I DID, very selfishly and thoughtlessly hurt a gentle-doe and I am still repenting and taking the self imposed punishment, Hard!) There is one person I had promised to hurt, physically, till one of us died and I had been doing it, religiously, since 1999, whenever we crossed paths, two TIGHT slaps right across the face, as originally promised. 25th December, 2005, I gave up on this lone grudge and have decided to send a letter, “See you in Next Life.” I still have not got the time to write these 5 words, because I am so preoccupied with other things, but soon, I will.

So I live here, in this mature world, with my Emotional Adolescence guiding me, doing certain immature, certain foolish, certain kiddish, certain adolescent things…

Hit me!


Monday May 22, 2006 – 10:33pm (IST)

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