Turnaround ???



1) After being in 40” Waist size slab, all my Adult life, I have come down to 32”, with a small tyre bulging here and there, now and then. And by this coming birthday, I intend to get rid of the tyre as well and maybe aim for 30”.

2) After close to 27 years of Fervent, Painful and Disgusting nail biting, and Many-Many attempts to give it up; I finally gave it up… Over a period of 1 Month.

Used a metal nail cutter on finger-nails for the first time in my life.

Some Experience!!!

3) I do not know… What is the reason behind this turnaround.

4) Maybe The Mind was bored with the present state of things, as they were and wanted a change.

5) I think, I am loving The Change.

Sunday May 7, 2006 – 09:23am (IST)

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