Brad Pitt??? That don’t Impress me Muchh!!!

Today it rained.

It was COLD…

I go to Office on my Bullet Bike.

I thought of changing into my Heavy Jacket came to me…

The thought of putting it on thinking like Brad Pitt also came to my mind as well….

You know… George Clooney Style???

I put my hands in the sleeves, jerked the remaining like a Jack-the-Mack Thingy and the Cape came up my head, in that Oh-so-Chic-Style….


A BIG Black Bony Lizard, hibernating in my Cape, went FLYING after her tail kissed my forehead, right in-front of me and then started FOLLOWING me as it were disoriented as HELL!!!

Brad Pitty Thing was JUMP-Running ahead and the Thin Lizzy was following…

Brad Pitt grabbed the open doors and HEAVED himself UP!!!

Lizzy Dahling went down the stairs and Brad Pitt Got Back to Being, his Royal Jerkiness of the Year….


Tags: jerkity, laughs

Saturday March 11, 2006 – 03:53am (IST)

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