A dream.

Yesterday, I dreamt a dream, set in today!
I was the last one to arrive. You all were there with your parents.
Parul, the MasterNi was in charge of all the kids and was conducting those class games to keep the noisy children शांत in those VAST lawns. Even Shweta was a kid in the dream, we all were our present age.

NHS was there; RKS, I cannot remember.

In the same old room, all बुआs and चाचाs and so many 100s of others were standing in a circle.

One particular person was HOWLING, in his trademark, “हूहूहूहू” manner!

I, without taking off my shoes, entered the bed and hugged that dying man.

He opened his eyes and said, ” र्रै छोट्टू! बड़ी देर कर दी आने में, कहाँ रह गया था?
और इस नौटंकी को बता दे, अभी मरा नहीं हूँ, मैं!”

And we both started guffawing, like in that last scene of Anand movie!

And, then, Baba died!

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